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Breathing Air Filter

Fits: Y39390 , Bristol Pneumatic

Typical Application: Breathing Air
Removes: H2O, CO, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Taste & Odor, Particles
Contents: 13x, Activated Carbon, Hopcalite
Dimensions: 1.75" OD x 9" L
Micron Rating: 20u particles
Bristol Pneumatics Filter Nipple X19 SeriesThis Lawrence Factor filter cartridge incorporates a "Life Band" strip which monitors the usage of the filter. The blue indicator strip will turn to a pale pink color as the media becomes saturated. Guaranteed to match the fit and performance of the OEM filter.

Verify the overall length of your current filter cartridge before ordering.
This filter series comes in three different lengths depending on the filter tower used on the compressor. The OEM part number Y39390 has been used by various filter suppliers for 13.5" , 9" and 7" filters.

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