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Breathing Air Filter

Fits: 3370370 , PC-1, PC1, Cornelius Air Compressor

Typical Application: Breathing Air (Grade E)
Removes: H2O, CO, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Taste & Odor, Particles
Contents: 13x, Activated Carbon, Hopcalite
Dimensions: 1.75" OD x 13.25" L
Micron Rating: 20u particles

The Cornelius Air Compressor is a military surplus unit originally used on aircrafts. We have three different filters available depending on the application needed.
The X592414 is the breathing air filter used for scuba. It includes an extra catalyst media that will remove any carbon monoxide from the air should exhaust fumes be present in the area. The X-Pendable cartridge incorporates a Life Band strip that will change color as the filter becomes saturated letting you know when the filter needs to be changed.