Breathing Air Filter

Fits: BMG-X92249, X92249

Typical Application: Breathing Air (Grade E)
Removes: H2O, CO, Hydrocarbons, Oil, Taste & Odor, Particles
Contents: 13x, Activated Carbon, Hopcalite
Dimensions: 2.75" OD x 7.75" L
Micron Rating: 20u particles

LFactor Air Filter Nipple X54 SeriesThis Lawrence Factor filter cartridge incorporates a "Life Band" strip which monitors the usage of the filter. The blue indicator strip will turn to a pale pink color as the media becomes saturated.

This X-Pendable filter cartridge is used in the black combo tower. These towers have a coalesing element inside the base of the tower and require periodic draining of condensate.

Found on many different compressor systems including Clark Yacht Compressors, Nautilus and Brownies Yacht Pro systems.