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If you need an air compressor air filter that involves high pressure compressed air or inert gases, L-FactorTM “once through” X-pendable filter cartridge are highly effective. U.S. Defense Department tested, X-pendables are recognized worldwide as the premier replaceable breathing air filter cartridge. Precision engineered and charged with laboratory formulated purifying media, X-pendables are designed for optimum contaminant removal.

Outside is a rugged transparent shell with electronically welded seams. Because it’s transparent, you can use your X-pendable breathing air filter cartridges to easily watch the performance of your compressed air/gas system by observing unusual accumulations of sediment or moisture in the cartridge. As an additional aid, many cartridges include a LifebandTM that changes color to alert you when your X-pendable has exceeded its useful life, and unlike metal filters, it will never rust or corrode. Plus, with our special welding process, an X-pendable’s seam won’t split.

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