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As reliable as your equipment may be, there will come a time when it will require some maintenance -- or perhaps you will simply want to enhance its performance. This is the time when a Lawrence Factor high-pressure accessory can satisfy your needs.

Just as rugged and reliable as our purification appliances - because many of these air compressor repair parts are the very same components that go into our appliances - they are built to those same high standards. Of course, all of Lawrence Factor’s air and gas accessories are crafted to serve critically pure needs and at highly elevated pressures - some as high as 10,000 psi. We offer a healthy selection of valves, piping & hose, gauges, and air & gas controls - all constructed of the toughest materials, capable of withstanding nature's meanest elements. Our engineers took extra care that these products would have as few moving parts as possible - knowing that this feature will keep them operating far longer than most and make them a snap to service. FilterTechs is your source for compressor parts and repair.

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