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Need breathing air compressor oil? We carry diving air compressor oil.

We offer a selection of lubes and cleansing agents - all designed to work in concert with and enhance the performance of your air and gas purification equipment. From breathing air compressor oil to diving air compressor oil, every product coming from Lawrence Factor is naturally of the highest grade and highest purity. The pedigree of each Lawrence Factor purity agent stems from the advanced chemistry the company employs in developing their power packed breathing and diving air filter cartridges - and their supporting products. Given the many years of study, innumerable hours of real-world performance testing, and unmatched Lawrence Factor expertise that goes into developing these agents, you can feel confident you're choosing a product capable of performing to your highest standards.

Lawrence Factor sorbents target and capture specific molecules in a web of atomic magnets, effectively eliminating even the most minute traces of undesired substance from your air and gas streams. Choose from a range of desiccants, catalysts, and carbons each formulated to perform under a specific set of conditions - and all packaged in a variety of sizes with long-term shelf life in mind. We carry Bauer compressor oil as well as oils and media compatible with a wide range of other manufacturers' compressors.

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