Filter Towers

High Purity At High Pressure!

  Lawrence Factor air/gas purifiers are built to serve critically pure needs and at pressures up to 15,000psi. Based on a disposable cartridge concept, Lawrence Factor appliances are able to produce air & gases which exceed most recognized purity standards. Look over an Lawrence Factor purification appliance. Immediately apparent are brawny qualities like all stainless steel fasteners and couplers. However, it's not only what you see but what you don't see. More subtle are the aerospace grade metals in our pressure vessels; veneers of protective plating making them impervious to nature's meanest elements; rigorous testing, a sanitizing scrub down before leaving our factory; and the all o-ringed joints which make it a snap to change cartridges or perform regular service. Included with each system: parts list, decal with cartridge number, one cartridge (customer must specify application), and one full year warranty and lifetime warranty against corrosion of the cartridge holder. 

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