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Air Testing

We make compressed air testing simple!

If you need breathing air testing or scuba air testing, then you've come to the right place. We have do-it-yourself compressed air testing kits.

With X-zam Labs, collecting a specimen is easy. You can do-it-yourself. The lab provides everything needed within Lawrence Factor's patented compressed air testing kit, which is loaned to you at no charge!

Trapping the specimen couldn't be simpler because the breathing air testing kit acts just like the cylinders you're already accustomed to filling - there are no complicated vials or gadgets.

Tests can be conducted on a one-time basis, or you may enroll in a program where specimens are analyzed on a regular schedule.

Purchase now by selecting one of the categories below!

We offer the following compressed air testing kits:

  • Nitrox Test
  • Scuba Diving Air Test
  • Fire Fighting Air Test
  • Canadian Standard Air Test
  • Oxygen Compatible Air Test
  • Industiral Compressed Air Test
  • CO-Pro Carbon Monoxide Test

Compressed Air Testing